Gianni Kavanagh

Gianni Kavanagh is a brand that offers the latest trends in high fashion combined with streetwear and sportswear. At Gianni Kavanagh we focus on every detail to make sure that we offer the luxury and exclusive feel combined with the comfort and the high quality of the fabrics and manufacture we use. Every month we have new collections with a big range of products: fashion, casual, sports and limited. We are the first ones to give you everything you need: from Gym to daily wear or even to arrive at a club and be the one to be. Once you wear Gianni Kavanagh you become your best self and for sure you will leave a mark: a statement.


Roone Roman

Fresh, Bold, Unique.If you are the guy that goes left when everyone tells you to go right: you are Roone Roman. RR wants to be bold and to provide a different vision of sports/fashion brands. The brand is always aware of what the customer wants or needs to provide it as fast as possible with bold, new and creative ideas. One of the key points at RR is that we work daily to generate the best fits for your body. Combining our bold fresh graphics with the perfect fit, our product will for sure give you the boost you need to pursuit your dreams and become Iconic.


Sinners Attire

Sinners Attire Are An Urban Streetwear Brand Offering A Wide Range Of Clothing. A Leading Brand In UK Fashion. Born from the obsession to bring fresh designs and styles to the urban streetwear market. Sinners Attire aims to create individual and original pieces for their customers. Since launching they have been recognised throughout the urban clothing scene.

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